Application to join the BPA


The BPA is a membership organisation with criteria for membership that basically demonstrate that the company is a professional display company.

The BPA is not open to individual membership.

On joining the BPA, display companies must agree to recognize, endorse and promote the BPA Firework Firers training scheme as the only UK qualification meeting the requirement of the Pyrotechnic Articles (Safety) Regulations 2010.  To provide training for their operators via the BPA Fireworks Firers training scheme and to maintain this qualification throughout their membership

Please use BPA Application Form to apply for BPA membership.  Return the form to the Secretary with accompanying documents and your application will be considered.  Further evidence may be requested to ensure criteria has been met.


BPA Firers Exam

Find out why many local authorities and organisations will only allow companies and individuals to work for them who have achieved the BPA firers qualification.

Check the register now to see if the crew firing your display are fully qualified to BPA standards.

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