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Protected: Re-Take Senior Firers Exam

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Protected: Senior Firers Exam

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EHO familairisation

Grafham Water Sailing Club

Perry, Huntingdon
PE28 0BU

Course Dates: Tuesday 18th May 2010

PLEASE NOTE:  THIS COURSE HAS BEEN CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE if you require any information contact Avril on 01480 878621

The BPA is an active trade body that represents the largest professional firework display Companies in the UK.  The BPA is committed to raising the already high standards of professional firework display firers, both through its normal membership activities and through the wider community through training and education.  To this end the BPA has instigated the premiere training program for professional firework firers in the UK known as the BPA Firers Scheme Level 1 & 2.

The Fireworks Familiarisation course is intended for individuals who wish to enhance their knowledge of fireworks in general – with particular emphasis on storage, transportation, and display (professional) use.  The material covered will be relevant to both TSOs and EHOs who have responsibility for inspection and enforcement.

There are a limited number of places, so please if you are interested book early.

Fee: £200 per person or £150 per person if booking for two.  Price includes a copy of the ‘Lecture Notes for BPA Fireworks Firers Course and Examination’, one per candidate.  All prices excludes VAT.

If you would like to attend the course or if you would like further information please email: info@bpa-fmg.org.uk


L1 Course pro-forma

Himley Cricket Club
Stourbridge Road

Course Dates: Level 1 BPA Firers Scheme 19/20th March 2011

Fee: Non members: £150 plus VAT
Members: £85 plus VAT
The BPA is committed to improving safety at professionally fired firework displays, both to operators of displays and to the public. The BPA have set up a Firer training scheme, which currently has over 1000 registered persons. The scheme, which will be developed and adapted to accommodate changing legislation and practices, is based on a sound knowledge of the hazards associated with:

  • Firework types
  • Firework effects
  • Fireworks in transport
  • Rigging techniques
  • Site design
  • Firing methods
  • Fallout considerations
  • Disposal

It is not a replacement for other statutory provisions (e.g. relating to training of drivers) but provides a sound basis for safe operation. In addition to the courses, each candidate is required to maintain a ‘log book’ of their display experience. This log book will prove invaluable in verifying that operators have the necessary practical experience, in a variety of display environments, to complement their formal training. The course is presently available at two levels:
Level 1 – for assistant operators at display sites with limited experience
Level 2 – for senior operators at display sites who have passed Level 1 and have extended their experience

The course is NOT suitable or available to:

  • Firers of solely Category 3 fireworks
  • Freelance firers who are not associated with a professional company
  • Stage or theatrical technicians.

If you would like to attend the course or if you would like further information please email: info@bpa-fmg.org.uk