BPA Code of Practice

The New BPA Codes of Practice January 2015

Members of the British Pyrotechnists Association (the BPA) agree to the following.


  • To maintain the highest standards of professionalism in all aspects of their work


  • To set up and fire professional firework displays in accordance with the BPA guides and operating procedures
  • To fire outdoor displays before 23:00hrs in the UK except in special circumstances as allowed by Regulations


  • To possess adequate public and product liability of at least £5 million cover for all storage, transport and display activities – such cover to be on a whole year basis
  • To provide additional liability cover where agreed with event organisers

Storage and transport

  • To possess adequate legal storage for display fireworks.  Such storage shall not be exclusively “Registered Premises”
  • To have compliant explosive packaging and, if partaking in the BPA “Box Matrix scheme”, to provide the BPA Secretariat with information about changes to their certificates
  • To have adequately trained drivers and adequately equipped vehicles


  • To recognise, endorse and promote the BPA Firework Firers training scheme as the only UK qualification meeting the requirements of the Pyrotechnic Articles (Safety) Regulations 2010
  • To provide training for their operators via the BPA Firework Firers training scheme
  • On display sites
  • To have at least one senior firer qualified to Senior Firer (old Level 2 (or working towards qualification)) of the BPA course
  • To have other firers qualified to Firer (old Level 1 (or working towards qualification)) of the BPA course


  • To meet, wherever possible, all legal requirements in respect of transport, storage and use of display fireworks
  • To carry out all relevant statutory risk assessments and safety procedures in accordance with the BPA guidelines and operating procedures


Disciplinary Actions

  • Members may be subject to disciplinary proceedings held in accordance with the BPA rules for breaches of this agreed Code of Practice, the sanctions of which include, ultimately, dismissal from the BPA


Agreement to sell to the general public

  • Adopts the agreement between BPA, British Fireworks Association (BFA) and Explosives Industry Group (EIG) members
  • BPA members will only sell fireworks to the General Public that conform to the requirements of the British Standard for Fireworks (BS 7114:2:1988) as modified by the Firework Safety Regulations (1997).

Agreement of selling Category 4 fireworks (for professional use only)

BPA members have agreed the following policy for the sale of Category 4 fireworks in the UK. Companies wishing to purchase Category 4 fireworks must:-

  • Have adequate legal, licensed storage (NOT a Local Authority registered premise)
  • Have 365 day insurance (ie not be working on a display by display basis)
  • Be trading as a limited company, partnership or sole trader and provide orders on official paper
  • Demonstrate competence in using the items they wish to purchase to the satisfaction of the seller – this will usually include having satisfactorily passed the  BPA Level 2 examination