L1 Course pro-forma

Himley Cricket Club
Stourbridge Road

Course Dates: Level 1 BPA Firers Scheme 19/20th March 2011

Fee: Non members: £150 plus VAT
Members: £85 plus VAT
The BPA is committed to improving safety at professionally fired firework displays, both to operators of displays and to the public. The BPA have set up a Firer training scheme, which currently has over 1000 registered persons. The scheme, which will be developed and adapted to accommodate changing legislation and practices, is based on a sound knowledge of the hazards associated with:

  • Firework types
  • Firework effects
  • Fireworks in transport
  • Rigging techniques
  • Site design
  • Firing methods
  • Fallout considerations
  • Disposal

It is not a replacement for other statutory provisions (e.g. relating to training of drivers) but provides a sound basis for safe operation. In addition to the courses, each candidate is required to maintain a ‘log book’ of their display experience. This log book will prove invaluable in verifying that operators have the necessary practical experience, in a variety of display environments, to complement their formal training. The course is presently available at two levels:
Level 1 – for assistant operators at display sites with limited experience
Level 2 – for senior operators at display sites who have passed Level 1 and have extended their experience

The course is NOT suitable or available to:

  • Firers of solely Category 3 fireworks
  • Freelance firers who are not associated with a professional company
  • Stage or theatrical technicians.

If you would like to attend the course or if you would like further information please email: info@bpa-fmg.org.uk