The British Pyrotechnists Association (BPA) is delighted to announce that they have been awarded City & Guilds accreditation for their firework courses and examinations.

City and Guilds are recognised as the World leaders in work related training programmes and this accreditation gives our candidates and those that depend on them the assurance that their training meets the highest quality standards.

This achievement marks an important step forward in the BPA’s continuing commitment to provide professional development for firework firers and is the only UK accredited qualification in this field.  The course, which currently has over 1800 listed firework firers, are designed for professional display operators (whether or not they are affiliated to BPA member companies) providing them with specialist knowledge and safer working procedures when using ‘Category 4’ fireworks to ensure the highest standards of safety at professionally fired displays.

The courses are delivered by trained professionals, utilising workshop demonstrations and are reviewed periodically to ensure their continuous development and relevance, and to accommodate changing legislation and practices.  The BPA provides successful examination candidates with an identification card to certify their qualification, which can be verified against a list on the BPA website ( by companies, event organisers and enforcers alike.

The qualifications are NOT a licence to purchase Cat 4 but BPA believe they will meet the requirements of “Person with Specialist Knowledge” under the forthcoming requirements of the Pyrotechnic Articles (Safety) Regulations 2011.

Tom Smith, Secretary of the BPA said:

This is a tremendous step forward for the UK Industry who, for the first time, have a recognised qualification for their professional firers.  With a suite of courses and qualifications for practitioners and enforcers, the BPA maintains its commitment to promoting excellence and safety for professional firework displays in the UK”

For more details on City and Guilds qualifications please see